Saturday, June 9, 2012

Good News for Stroke Survivors

The "rule of thumb" in the medical community is that whatever recovery has been accomplished within 6 months after a stroke, that's all that can be done. Very little improvement will be seen after that point. Which is why stroke survivors are urged to utilize every possible course of therapy as quickly as possible, to regain as much functionality as quickly as possible.

Hypnotherapy has the potential to dramatically improve functionality, and therefore the quality of life, after that 6 month window. Utilizing a process known as neuroplasticity, improvement has been demonstrated.

Robin and I are excited to be studying protocols developed by Don Mottin, a stroke survivor as well as a hypnotherapist, so we may offer our services to stroke survivors. Don had a stroke, and after 6 months was told he'd never walk again. He then developed the hypnotherapy protocols which worked so well for his own rehabilitation, and has since gone on to improve the quality of life for many stroke survivors who'd been told there was no hope for further improvement. Don, by the way, is walking again, and has resumed his globe-trotting career.

Being able to offer hope and help to people is one of the reasons Robin and I love our work at Inception Hypnotherapy.


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