Thursday, May 21, 2015

I sent a client out of the office, still hypnotized...

A client came in for their session earlier today, and related that they'd had a terrible week emotionally. The death of a friend and a child's illness had taken their toll, and the stress level was high. My job was to help the client relax completely, so they could undergo a very painful medical procedure in two hours without feeling much pain.

After a normal induction, I then deepened the state of relaxation even further. After going through the usual procedures, and verbalizing the proper posthypnotic suggestions, I had an idea. Instead of relying only on the posthypnotic suggestions, why not keep the client in a relaxed hypnotic state until the procedure was over?

I suggested to the client that although they would open their eyes when I asked, that they would remain in the hypnotic state of relaxation until brought out at a later time. Until then, they would be able to walk and talk and interact "normally" with other people, all while still hypnotized.

Still deeply hypnotized, the client agreed to this, and I then asked for a slow count backwards from 100. While the countdown was proceeding, I slipped out to the waiting room and had a quick conversation with the client's spouse. I explained what was happening, and provided reassurance that barring something happening that was very surprising to the client, there was nothing to worry about, and that the client would remain in hypnosis until the procedure was over, at which time an audio which the client would be listening to, would bring the client out of the hypnotic state. Just to be on the safe side, since the client's level of relaxation was so deep, I gave the spouse a print-out of a short exduction, and asked the spouse to read it to the client before they left the doctor's office. I wanted to be absolutely sure my client was "back" before leaving that office.

About 30 minutes after the procedure was completed, I received a call from my client, whose first words to me were, "I'm fully alert again!" The client then related that the whole time they'd been in the hypnotic state, everything seemed a bit "softer." The procedure itself had only caused a small amount of pain, and the client was very happy.

I love this job!!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Managing Unbearable Pain

Regardless of how often I see the phenomenal results accomplished with hypnosis, it never ceases to amaze me. Recently I had a client with Stage 4 cancer. Fortunately the spread of the cancer has been stopped for a while. Unfortunately the protocols used to stop the cancer involve her having to endure an injection, every few month, directly into her spinal column. Regardless of the local anesthesia given to her prior to the shot, the pain is unthinkable.

When she called and explained the situation, I told her that I'd like to get in 4 sessions before her next shot. Since her next shot was scheduled in less than 2 weeks, we only had time for the first two sessions before she had the shot.

This was the result, in her own words:  (Please click on the link.)

The mind is truly powerful!